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Inner Freedom Yoga Musculo-skeletal Ailments Training


This training is for anyone who wants to learn to help people with musculoskeletal issues and limitations in the classroom or in a private setting.

Course dives deeper into anatomy and alignment through refined observation skills and exploratory practices. You’ll learn to assess postural imbalances and know what to do about them through asana and hands-on techniques. Instructors will share from their immense training in yoga therapeutics from attending several yoga therapy trainings with John Friend, Anusara’s founder, as well as their unique perspectives and tools based on Anatomy Trains® and Kinesis Myofascial Structural Integration (KMI) work of Tom Myers (Patrick) and Hanna Somatic Education® (Robyn).  23 CEU credits with Yoga Alliance available.


  • 6 Therapeutic Asana classes with hand-outs covering: Lower Backs, Hips, Sacrum; Upper Backs, Neck, Shoulders; Neck & Jaw; Knees, Ankles, Feet; Elbows, Wrists, Hands; Chest and Neck – These sequences will be included and discussed.
  • Discussion of common musculoskeletal ailments and their sources
  • 3 Therapeutic Meditation and Pranayama sessions
  • Postural assessment and body reading skills from the Anatomy Trains® system of Tom Myers
  • Hands-on techniques for musculoskeletal restrictions
  • Free time to play in the river or visit the ocean
  • 3 catered organic vegetarian meals
  • Fun evening activities

This training takes place during the Self-Healing River Yoga Retreat and meets for several additional hours during the retreat weekend.

Prerequisite: Completion of Anusara Alignment Intensive or completion of or enrollment in an Anusara Immersion or any 200-hour Teacher Training or other complimentary training in body work and basic understanding of Anusara Yoga’s alignment principles.

Required Reading:  Anusara Yoga Teacher Training Manual sections on alignment


Schedule, Payments and Registration

2017 Dates:

May 26 – 29:  It’s a Memorial Day Weekend Retreat and Training!
Location:  Camp Mattole in Petrolia, CA (2 hours south of Arcata)

UPDATED: Time: 3 p.m. Friday – 4 p.m. Monday

Cost:  $525 if paid by April 1, $575 after
(plus $20 for a certificate)

Includes 3 catered dinners, evening entertainment, free time at the river, and lodging (beds or camping).  Please bring your own food for breakfasts and lunches.  There is plenty of room to cook and refrigeration in the industrial kitchen.
NEW:  Catered organic vegetarian lunches now available for $8 each.

Application:  Please submit Musculoskeletal Ailments Training application.2017 with your payment.

Questions: E-mail Robyn

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Robyn and Patrick are highly trained and certified Anusara Yoga instructors with a specialty in Yoga Therapeutics.

Robyn has completed 5 Yoga Therapy trainings with her teacher, John Friend, and 2 trainings with Integrative Yoga Therapy, where she was also a guest instructor.  She is also a certified Hanna Somatic Educator (since 2001) and has been helping people with chronic pain and tension through Somatics and Yoga Therapy since 1998. She has recovered from numerous injuries herself and finds it incredibly rewarding to help others heal from pain and tension while teaching them how to help themselves.

Patrick is a certified Rolfer/Structural Integrator who trained with Thomas Myers and has completed 4 Yoga Therapy trainings with John Friend.  He is fascinated by the study of human anatomy and is the preferred Anatomy instructor for local teacher trainings. He has had great success helping people through pain and tension and has a full bodywork practice in Arcata.

Listen to an interview with Robyn and Patrick discussing this event

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