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Low self-esteem is of epidemic proportions in our culture, and especially for women.  We feel inadequate and unworthy; think people don’t like us; think we’re doing it “wrong;” pressure ourselves to achieve and “be good;” negatively compare ourselves to others; and seek outside recognition. We wind up creating more anxiety and stress and feeling alone.  We create distance with our loved ones and hold ourselves back from what we most want in life.

“I really changed my outlook on myself.  Even in this short time, things in my life seem to be lining up just by integrating the exercises I learned.  Thank you!” – Katie


“Before the course, I struggled with my feelings and a general sense of unease about things. Now I’m more clear about what I’m feeling and realize I don’t have to feel bad about it.  And I make better choices.  Now when I see a pattern, I can see what’s upsetting me and how to address it, both with myself and with the other person.”  – Karen

You too can feel strong and confident about your choices and learn to speak up for yourself in difficult situations.
You can learn to stop getting in your own way and live a life you enjoy.

Are you Ready for this transformation?
  sitting-in-natureIn this breakthrough course, you will:
  • Learn new ways to accept and respect yourself
  • Learn how to deal with fear in a healthy way
  • Learn effective and simple communication tools
  • Bolster your self-esteem
  • Learn how to trust your inner wisdom
  • Build your confidence so you can step into what you really want
  • Generate Self Compassion
  • And much more!

Videos are prerecorded.  Watch as much as you like through January 31.

What you’ll receive:

5  Teaching videos (30 – 45 minutes each)
5  Short practice videos
5  Home practice hand-outs
2  Live Conference calls with Robyn (recording available)
Access to Exclusive Facebook Group for participants

Most practices are embodied techniques, so you get the material on a deeper level than just by hearing about it.
The conference calls and Facebook Group offer an excellent way to feel connected to and get inspired by the other participants, ask your questions, and even get personal coaching support from Robyn.

“Before the course, I was feeling very depleted in self-worth.  I had trouble seeing how I was going to be able to handle work, family and even my friendships.  I felt out of “flow.”  I felt like I was faking my way through.  Now I feel more authentic.  The exercises helped me feel more in my body and more loving towards myself.  I’m so glad I signed up.”
             Topics include:

jump-for-joyHow to Listen to and Honor your Body’s Wisdom
How to Truly Love Yourself
Understanding and Befriending your True Feelings
Honoring your Yes and No
Discerning and Speaking Your Truth
How to Recognize and Skillfully Respond to Fear
Breathing to De-Stress
Centering Meditation
and much more!

“I came to the course feeling overwhelmed in my life.  Through the course, I was able to name the grief I was feeling and understand it better.  I learned more about how I interact with others.  Now I’m less likely to assume responsibility for every nuance and am able to recognize my part of an exchange and leave the rest for them.  I’m not worrying about other people as much.  There’s a lot of power for me in that.
It’s a relief.  And with that comes more confidence, better awareness and self-esteem.”
– Denise
Just $97 for the entire course through Tuesday, Dec. 5
$197 after
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“I learned a lot of practical and helpful ways to deal with my core emotions.  I am already starting to apply what I learned to situations in my life, such as identifying my feelings by paying attention to my body signals. I recommend this course to any woman who wants to get to know herself better and learn how to love all that is within her.”  – Allison


“If you are willing to open yourself to the possibility of change and growth, this class and Robyn are there to help you begin your journey.  In the past, taking the initial steps into the life I know I deserve was paralyzing.  Now I have the tools to stop the unhealthy patterns and start truly accepting myself and my gifts.  What do you have to lose by learning how to treat yourself with more love?”  – Kaylie


“Before the course, I was feeling negative about myself and feelings that I had towards people and situations.  I felt guilt for having those feelings.  After the course, I didn’t feel like a horrible person anymore for feeling that way.  I didn’t have to feel so bad about my feelings so I started to feel better about myself.  It was a very uplifting experience, an awakening of sorts.”  – Shelli


“Before the course, I was in this pattern of chaotic thought process and unhealthy ways of viewing myself.  I wasn’t able to see what I could let go of and what needed attention.  I was constantly fighting my thoughts.  The tools I got in the course allowed me to make peace with those things, to accept them and move forward from them.  I wasn’t beating myself up anymore.  It felt workable.


When I faced my fears and really looked at what I was avoiding, it was so surprising how manageable it was.  Some past relationships were creating a constant mental anxiety cycle.  I’d replay scenarios and beat myself up over them.  The course allowed me to let them go and move on.


All the teaching and hand-outs were a perfect way for me to organize a healthy mental process.  It gave me structure and helped me to see when I was stuck in the cycle and how to get out of it.  The class helped me to believe in myself and things opened up and changed.   Before I had thought I didn’t deserve good things but then I started allowing good things to happen.  Without the class, I don’t think I would’ve had the tools and confidence to have changed my life for the better.  I recently signed up for a teacher training!  It was the first step in making healthy changes.

Everyone can change their life at any point and you just have to be willing to be scared a little bit and it’s so worth it.  At first, I was uncomfortable with our discussions and then I really got to appreciate it and love it!  You just have to trust the process.  I wish they would make this mandatory to high school.  It’s such important work!” – K.W.

Robyn.headshot.2014Robyn Smith draws on over two decades of teaching yoga and several years of embodied coaching for this course, which she has been offering since 2014.  She is a certified Hendricks Conscious Living and Loving Coach trained in developmental trauma, an Anusara Yoga Instructor and Tantra teacher.  She uses a dynamic body-centered approach to teaching and coaching where you’ll learn to trust your body as a guide.  She specializes in working with women and their self-esteem, relationships, communication skills,  and life purpose.  She offers private coaching on Skype and in Arcata.  See more about Robyn’s coaching.


Isn’t it time you felt better about yourself?

This course will walk you through 5 steps to confidence and self-empowerment.

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