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smell flowerI’ve just returned from a week- long meditation and movement retreat with two beloved teachers, Lama Drimed Norbu and Susan Harper.  It was exquisite!  What I enjoyed the most was the time we spent outside on the beautiful land.  Our instructions over the week took us deeper into exploring our five senses as a gateway to presence and it was luscious.  Some times, we sat by the rushing creek with the instruction to simply listen and let the sounds move through us.  Other times, we were to feel the air on our skin as we walked along a path, or sense the ground coming up to meet our feet.   For me, the practice was about letting myself be touched;  being open to receiving.  As a dedicated doer, I often put my energy out towards others, projects and the world.  So to experience myself as a receiver, as one who’s being touched by the air, smells, sights and the sounds, instead of the one who is doing the touching hearing, etc., was perfect and powerful.  I felt a new kind of softening into myself.  I basked in the slowness and in the luxury of feeling and receiving.  By the end, I felt deeply nourished and sweetly present – to myself, my experiences, and the others.
It was truly a gift to give myself and I hope to share some of what I’ve received with my students and clients and in our upcoming workshop that so happens to be called Delighting in the Senses!  (We had already planned this before I knew what the retreat was about)!!




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