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Teacher Training Refresher

For anyone who has completed a 200-Hr Training
with Robyn Smith
Starts Sept. 16

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10 classes for $85 (3 month expiration) or
4 classes for $36 (1 month expiration)
On your first pass with us!

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Yoga with safety, individual attention
and a welcoming atmosphere

Open Your Heart

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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Dive into Yoga and Learn How to Teach

with Robyn Smith, Patrick Harestad, and Peggy Profant
For those who've completed an Immersion

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Come Home to Yourself

Life Coaching with Robyn

Self Esteem and Relationship Coach for Women
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Release Pain and Tension

Improve Range of Motion

With hands-on Somatics and Yoga Therapy


We cater to beginners and offer several Basics and Level 1 classes per week. All ages and abilities welcome.


We offer a large variety of workshops from Alignment to Philosophy, Meditation, Retreats and Therapeutics.


Trainings are a great way to take your practice to the next level and learn to share what you love.

Benefits of Yoga with Robyn Smith, Inner Freedom Yoga
  • I miss you and my connection with my Friday class friends, and a connection to something much bigger than all of us. I always knew that I/we were blessed to have you and Inner Freedom yoga guiding us to places deep within ourselves and deep into asana. So far my response to my new local yogic experience is to bow deeper to you, to who you are and to what you have created.

    Regina Callahan
    Regina CallahanCraiosacral Therapist/Instructor, Yoga instructor and '06 Teacher Training graduate
  • It is amazing how class with you has become once a week for me like church, psychotherapy, bodywork... almost everything I need to get by. You are among the blessings I count at end of this year.

    Jandy Bergmann
    Jandy BergmannFelenkrias Practitioner, Movement Instructor, Humboldt State University
  • I feel wonderful after Tuesday night's intro class! My body really responded in great ways. Knee discomfort was diminished, hips weren't stiff, general movement was easier, muscles felt toned. I can tell I'll be a regular of your classes.

    - Annalisa
    - Annalisamother of two
  • I love Anusara, so your place is the best!  I love the inclusive vibe and that throughout the week, I can take a Level 1, Level 2, and Level 1-2 class to work on all parts of my practice.  The teachers are incredible and their themes are always very relevant to my life.  I especially love the focus on alignment and the adjustments.

    Katie King
    Katie Kingschool teacher
  • I love the warm positive energy of your space and all the windows; it's very inviting and friendly.  Even as a beginner, it is very welcoming.  I am so happy and thankful to be a part of your studio.

    Terra Z.
    Terra student
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  • Fascial Work, Somatics, Yoga and Ease
    Fascial Work, Somatics, Yoga and Ease
    I’m in my 20th year of teaching and believe me, I’ve had my ups and downs,  It’s really important to me that I’m enthusiastic about what I’m doing, so I’m always mixing it up, following my passions and bringing them to class.  There have been times, though, when I considered quitting;  when I couldn’t muster…
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  • Come Home to Yourself
    Come Home to Yourself
    This is my new tagline for Inner Freedom Yoga.  It feels so aligned with what I’m up to in my teaching.  To me, this is ultimately what yoga practices are about.  They’re about resting into who we truly are, the heart or essence of our being.  And when I come home to me, I feel present,…
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  • Self Esteem and Commitment
    Self Esteem and Commitment
    I think having a dedicated spiritual practice can generate self-esteem. Here’s how:  Self-esteem is a feeling of confidence in oneself.  And to me, it’s related to commitment.  The more I make commitments to myself and then follow through on them, the more I generate a feeling of trust in myself.  It’s this trust, generated over repeated…
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