Yoga Philosophy and Meditation:

This is a fabulous guide to the Yoga philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism, as well as an overall explanation of the tantric schools of yoga. We use it in our Teacher Training. Highly recommended!

Sally Kempton, who writes for Yoga Journal, is a heart-felt, experienced and compassionate guide on the journey of meditation.  This is rich with practices and wonderful teachings based in Tantra yoga.

This is one of Pema Chodron’s best and most popular.  An indispensable guide to living from the heart.


A simple book full of great Anusara based descriptions and pictures about an array of Hatha Yoga poses, written by a certified Anusara yoga instructor.

This is a must-have classic by physical yoga’s leading master.  It’s like the bible and essential for all students of yoga.

This is a classic, simple instruction book for people who like descriptions and great pictures.  Sequences in the back as well.

Hendricks Conscious Living and Loving Books

This is a fabulous relationship book.  I recommended this for anyone who has not yet been introduced to the Hendricks’ teachings and it is a perfect companion for anyone who wants to do coaching with Robyn.

This is a great and inspiring read for taking that scary leap into the next level of what you’re wanting.  It discusses how we get stuck and how to get unstuck.

This is a great book for those with low self esteem.  Super helpful exercises anyone can do.


This is a powerful teaching on how to change your relationship with money.  It is written with a very Tantric perspective.  Highly recommended!!

A very useful workbook to help you unblock obstacles on your path to achieving your goals around money and success.

Spiritual Journeys:​

This is a gripping and inspiring read about a young woman’s journey down the Pacific Crest Trail.  A great way to get lost in a riveting tale for a few days.

An easy, enjoyable read about a woman’s spiritual journey out an unhealthy relationship and into a spiritual connection as she tours the world.

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