Benefits of Yoga with Robyn Smith, Inner Freedom Yoga

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a great way to take care of your body, mind and spirit.  Many people find they get increased flexibility and strength and that their aches and pains dissolve.  People also come for the peace of mind and a feeling of connection to others and to something bigger.  Many enjoy being surrounded by others of like mind and making new friends.

The Space

The Community Yoga Center is welcoming, beautiful and simple.   We have one bathroom and one changing room.  Shoes stay in the hallway cubbies.  Bring valuables inside.  There are several stairs up to the room which gives us a great view of the plaza and sunsets!  People have been doing yoga there for about 30 years.

What to Wear

Wear comfortable non-restrictive clothing.  Shorts and a t-shirt  or leggings, light sweat pants and an exercise top or tank.  It’s helpful to have layers as you will get warmer after starting and then cooler at the end.  We practice in bare feet.

What to Bring

If you have a yoga mat, it’s best to bring your own.  We also have mats for the community to use, free of charge.  We also sell durable eco-mats at over 20% off in the studio.  Please also bring water for after class.  Cell phones should be turned off during class.

What to Expect During a Yoga Class

All mats are organized in rows and your teacher will help you place your mat when you’re new.  Classes usually start with everyone seated on a blanket on the floor as the teacher introduces the theme for the class.  The teacher is at the front of the room and will clearly guide you through a variety of postures throughout the class, both verbally and with physical demonstrations.  The last pose in every class is called the corpse pose and is a guided relaxation, usually reclining on your back.   Then everyone sits up to finish with a traditional salutation called “namaste,” which means “the light within me bows to the light within you.”   This is optional, as is everything!  You don’t have to do every pose and are encouraged to modify or rest when needed.  Props like blankets, foam blocks cotton straps, the wall or chairs may be used to assist certain poses.  In most classes, there are regular students who come every week in addition to those who are newer to the class.

What to Expect After Each Class

You can expect to feel relaxed and more aware after each class.  You may notice that you feel uplifted, more open-hearted and friendly towards others.  You can also expect to feel more aware of your posture.   Many people even report feeling taller!   You may feel sore in muscles you haven’t used this way before, just like you would from a new workout.  It’s helpful to drink plenty of water before and after classes (but not during), to minimize soreness.

We’re Here for You

All of our teachers are highly trained and you are in good hands.  We will assist you in staying safe and comfortable.  Please make sure to let us know if you have injuries, health concerns, or are pregnant.  We love what we do and we encourage you to ask for whatever support you need during your yoga experience with us.

Which Classes Are Best

If you are new to yoga, it’s best to start with the Basics-Level 1 classes or the Level 1 classes.  If you are able to attend our Introduction to Yoga course first, even better.  Check the Workshops page for the next one.

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Please drop us a line if you'd like to connect. We hope to see you soon! - Namaste

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