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"I loved the yoga room, the food, the beautiful setting,
and the bodywork offered.
I loved the level of the
classes. I always felt that I
was given a good variation
for my level."
- Laura J. Arcata, CA.

"I found this week to be enlightening, inspiring, and empowering. I felt like I was surrounded by love, support and encouragement. The
week was everything I'd
hoped for and more.
Thanks so much!"
- Doralee S., Arcata, CA.

"I loved the retreat. The accomodations were nice,
the food good. Loved the
fruit! Room was great, loca-
tion fabulous! I would return here as there is so much to see and do and learn."
-Susan C., Middletown, OH

"The retreat at Kalani was
a chance to gently push my body to see where I could
go with my yoga practice.
It was exhilarating to go further every day. The instruction was wonderful
and I loved how the room where we practiced allowed
us to experience the change
in light and sounds of nature morning and evening. Every day felt like another day in paradise, which naturally included delicious food in a lovely open-air dining area."
- Martha W. , Portland, OR

"I loved how you worked to-
gether to create a beautiful
tantric union of yin/yang
energy. I am grateful for the threshholds that I was able to move through with grace and ease with your love and
support. I was able to move
into new levels of bliss and
self - affirmation. Mahalo!"
- Alison V., B.C., Canada

"Great Location! The food
was excellent, the staff was helpful, and so many offerings
at Kalani and in the area! The level of classes was great for
me. I love the attention and
skill, knowledge of both Patrick and Robyn. They put so much time into their teaching. They were clear and precise and
gave great instruction to everyone there. I was grateful
for all I absorbed. Thanks!"
- Janet R. , Everett, WA.

- Awakening the Voice of the Heart -




Yoga retreat in Hawaii


Anusara Yoga instructor Robyn Smith Karen-Harris-cropped-square

black sand beach .HA Hilo Falls

The great sages tell us that the wisdom and inspiration that we seek lives within our own heart. But how do we access this wisdom? How can we learn to live in alignment with what we most deeply cherish and believe? In this class we will cultivate the ability to hear, cultivate, and call forth the courageous voice of our own hearts. Together we will explore the stories of our lives in the light of inspiring spiritual teachings and practices, seeking to uncover their deeper meaning and purpose. As we listen deeply to the authentic voice of wisdom within, we will practice speaking our truth with clarity and integrity. The purpose of this class is to awaken and empower both the inner voice of wisdom and the outer voice with which we express it.

Includes: daily meditation with Karen and yoga with Robyn, three fabulous meals per day, use of Kalani facilities including hot tub, sauna, pool, and free time to explore Kalani and the Big Island.


Extras: Massage and spa services, tours, all transportation.

Double lodge room shared bath: $1095
Double lodge room private bath: $1225
Single lodge room shared bath: $1325
Single lodge room private bath: $1475
Commuter Rate: $650 (includes retreat and use of facilities only)

Save $50 when you register with a friend.

Registration: Please fill out the registration form and send it in with your payment to hold your spot.

Our location: Kalani Nature Retreat, on the Big Island of Hawaii. www.kalani.com. Fly into Hilo airport for easiest access to Kalani. Or fly into Kona for lower prices and good deals on rental cars. Check Hawaiian Airlines for special offers.

"The proof is in the pudding, as they say. I recently went home to spend a weekend with my family. Of course they weren't any different, but I was. I was relaxed being with them, knowing that for each and every one of them, where they are right now is perfect. In the middle of the wedding dinner, I was asked how it is that I am so peaceful within myself. Across the table I answered: "My whole life is a prayer!" It came out so easily and naturally, as much a surprise to myself as everyone there. It was so easy and natural - and I attribute it to Awakening the Voice of the Heart!"
- Peggy L., Awakening the Voice of the Heart student in Arcata, CA.

Click here to download a recording of Robyn interviewing Karen about her spiritual journey, listening to the heart, and their 2013 Arcata Awakening the Voice course.
OR DIAL THIS NUMBER to hear it on your telephone:
(641) 715-3800 passcode: 34279 ext. 15. (Make sure to press the extension to get to this interview)

Extra Classes with Robyn:

Robyn will be offering these classes at Kalani outside of the retreat schedule. They are open to the public.

Somatics and Yoga Therapy for the Upper Back, Neck, and Shoulders:
Sunday, February 9: 2 - 4:45 p.m. $30 if paid by Feb. 5, $40 after.

More Somatics for the Shoulders, Neck and Jaw:
Friday, February 14, 2:30 - 4 p.m. Cost $18 paid by Feb. 10, $24 after

Valentines’ Playshop for Couples: ​Friday, February 14, 7 - 9 p.m.
$40 per couple if paid by Feb. 10, $50 after.​

Details about these classes can be found in the Retreat Registration Form.​

About the Facilitators:

Karen HarrisKaren Harris, M.Div.

Karen is an extraordinarily gifted teacher who awakens confidence, clarity, and an intuitive understanding of spiritual teachings in her students. She is especially gifted at bringing the spiritual traditions of India vividly to life through her lively and inspirational teaching.

Karen is the founder of Thou Art That, a school of yoga philosophy and spiritual leadership offering instruction online and in northern California. She is also the owner/creator of Vanaprastha, a wilderness retreat site on the Mad River in Humboldt County, California. Karen has a Harvard degree in spiritual leadership and years of experience as a university lecturer and interfaith minister. Her teaching draws on decades of experience living and studying in India, Nepal, Tibet and Japan, and is influenced by the arts of aikido, permaculture, and spiritual contemplation.

“Karen has the ability to inspire deep embodied realization, turn the power of word, and pierce into the heart. She has an excellent ability to synthesize and capture the essence of practice and teaching and to share it so we get it. Beautiful teachings, clearly portrayed, and shot through with profound realization.”
- Katie Wilson M.Div.

Anusara Yoga instructor Robyn SmithRobyn Smith

​is the founder and director at Inner Freedom Yoga in Arcata, Ca, an Anusara yoga instructor, Hendricks Conscious Living and Loving Coach, yoga therapist and Hanna Somatic Educator who has been teaching yoga since 1994. She's been on a journey of personal unfolding for over 25 years and is passionately committed to a life of joy, radiance and following the true wisdom of her heart while serving others on a similar path.

She's sought for her expertise in postural alignment and therapeutics as well as her heartfelt messages and playful spirit. Her teachings are inspired by her yoga and meditation practices, studies in Buddhist and Tantric yoga philosophies, poetry, nature, and poignant life lessons.

She offers personal coaching and potent teachings that help people to uncover their own wholeness, open to their highest potential, and embrace themselves with love and curiosity.

“It is amazing how class with you has become once a week for me like church, psychotherapy, bodywork... almost everything I need to get by. I would not be rising to life's challenges as well as I am without the nourishment, strength, clarity and inspiration I get from your classes and beautiful teaching. You are among the blessings I count at ​the ​end of this year. “
- Jandy Bergmann, Felenkrias practitioner, University movement instructor

Hawaii Yoga Retreat 2008 Photos

Kalani corpse R & P Kalani 08

Kalani mealtime Prema/SusanKalani

Kalani grounds Kalani Patrick teaching
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Pictures from 2009-2010 retreats

Dog Train

Pele in Action! It was an awesome hike

Seeing whales at sunrise!

Hawaii sunset

2010 yoga group

Hawaii waves

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